Ad hoc Services

ISONIKE have a strict policy of avoiding any possible conflicts of interest which might affect the impartiality of our certification activities.
This however does not prevent us from undertaking a wide variety of projects, or in assisting companies operating in sectors where our network of people have gained much valuable experience.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific instance where our expertise might be of assistance to you. Once we have established that there is no conflict of interest, or if deemed necessary performed a risk assessment to ascertain the risks to our impartiality and ensure suitable barriers are put in place, we will be happy to discuss in detail how we may be of assistance.
Some examples of the type of ad hoc work our people can assist with:

  • Participating on steering committees.
  • Gap Analysis. This usually arises when a company is planning to adopt a new standard and wishes to determine how their current processes measure up to the new standard. It can also be useful when a revision to an existing standard is released.
  • System reviews. Over time management systems tend to become ‘bloated’ and disjointed, as details are added or amended, or additional standards or requirements are merged into existing documentation. In such instances, some ‘pruning’ of the system can be beneficial, or on occasion a more comprehensive overhaul is called for.
  • Accident and incident investigation reporting, including identifying root causes and if requested proposing possible corrective actions.
  • Data analysis, including trend analysis (e.g. from incident reports), to identify areas of concern and proactively address them.
  • First Party Auditing – Internal Audits of Management Systems
  • Second Party Auditing – Supply Chain
  • Customized Inspections.These are customized on case by case bases to specific inspection and/or audit criteria tailored to customer requirements.