Why Choose ISONIKE

ISONIKE’s philosophy is that we wish to be a strategic partner of choice for our clients. The main reasons to choose ISONIKE can be summarized as: 

  • Professionalism, Business Ethics and Customer Focus 
  • Accreditation Certification Services
  • Competence and Know How
  • Adding Value 
  • Approachable and Immediate Response 
  • Worldwide Operations and International Network of Associates
  • Cost Effectiveness

Professionalism, Business Ethics and Customer Focus.

ISONIKE's mission fully reflects our business ambitions which in turn are customer focused. 

ISONIKE is an international organization that is primarily focused in conducting business in a professional and ethical manner. ISONIKE’s customer focus comes second to none.

Our primary concern is not around our business objectives – but on how to contribute to the business objectives of our clients. Our business philosophy includes the premise that successfully empowering and supporting our clients will inevitably provide us with the resources and means to carry on.

Further, we believe that market needs are not static. For this purpose we monitor and follow the market needs very closely in order to be able to offer our Clients those service solutions that do not only cover their current needs, but also enable them to plan for their future needs.

Competence & Know How.

ISONIKE undertakes business projects only when we have the competence to implement them effectively and efficiently. Therefore, all services that are offered by ISONIKE are supported by highly competent and skilled professionals. 

The ISONIKE  team have each been successfully involved in their business sectors for a number of years. We continually train our people in order for them to update and improve their competences. A summary of ISONIKE’s team competencies are presented below: 

Maritime Inspections:

ISONIKE surveyors have been involved in the field of Maritime Technical Inspections (Statutory and Class Surveys) as well as with the approval of Maritime Plans, Studies, and Booklets, since the early 90s. 
ISONIKE Surveyors have been approved as surveyors for a number of Flag State Administration Authorities such as Panama, Belize, Bolivia etc. 

Professional Training:

The professionals of ISONIKE’s Team have designed and/or delivered professional training in a number of industry sectors and subjects. 
Examples of such training include (but not limited to): 

  • Management Systems Training approved by Internationally Recognized Organizations such as IRCA and PECB (ISO Lead Auditor courses, ISO Lead Implementer Courses etc) 

  • Maritime Training approved by Flag State Administration Authorities (ISM Code, ISPS Code etc) 

  • Strategic Management Training (Introduction to Strategic Management, Corporate Strategy, Strategic Management Tools, Human Resources Strategy, Operations etc) 

  • Conformity Assessment Training designed and delivered to beneficiaries as part of EU Funded Projects (ISO 17021 - Management Systems Certification Bodies, ISO 17020 – Inspection Bodies, ISO 17024 Personnel Certification Bodies, ISO 17065 – Product, Processes and Services Certification Bodies, ISO 17025 – Testing and Calibration Laboratories, ISO 15189 – Medical Laboratories) 

Corporate Services:

ISONIKE’s Team of professionals have been involved in Corporate Services since the early 1990s. Examples of such involvement include (but are not limited to): 

  • Work experience in the Companies Incorporation departments of Embassies (Panama) 

  • Work experience in the Ship Registration departments of Consulates (Panama) 

  • Deputy Registrars of Flag State Administration Authorities (Belize, Bolivia). 

  • Experience in Incorporating Companies of various Jurisdictions (Cyprus, Panama, BVI etc)  

Approach and Immediate Response:

All of ISONIKE's people, and our associates have been trained, adopted and apply a friendly –but professional and respectful- approach that eases unnecessary barriers when conducting business. We focus on the essence of things in a positive way, and we try to bring out the good things in every business process and relationship. 

ISONIKE is fully committed to responding immediately, without long lapse periods when addressing Client requests. 

Key people are always on ‘standby’ on a rotation basis, and monitor all incoming requests with the objective to promptly respond as needed. 

Adding Value:

It is ISONIKE’s philosophy that the most valuable reward for our services is to have added value to our clients. 

We intentionally use the term ‘Clients’ (instead of ‘Customers’) because the term "Client" suggests  a long-term relationship of care and consideration. This is exactly how we view our business relationships. We are committed to serving our clients on continuous basis, and this can only be achieved when we add value to our clients. 

Worldwide Operations and International Network of Associates:

ISONIKE may have beeincorporated in 2013, but our team is not new to business. 

Through the 20+ years of our professional experience, we have established and maintained long lasting and trustworthy business relationships with a number of associates in many countries. This, in turn, provides the advantages to our clients of being served in many countries of the world, using local competent professionals who share the same values with us. As a result, ISONIKE is an international organization with local presence. 

Cost Effectiveness:

All the services of ISONIKE are provided using a very competitive fee structure. Our fee structure is designed with the objective of contributing positively to the cost-effectiveness of our clients, and to be fair both for our clients and our company.