Formation of Cyprus Companies

General Information:

Legal Status:  Limited Companies
Minimum Capital:   No minimum share capital requirement
Number of share holders: Between one and fifty
Number of Directors:   At least two (Director and Secretary)
Annual Accounts:  Must be filed in Greek and audited. 
Formation time: 3-5 working days.

Advantages of Cyprus companies:

The formation of companies in Cyprus is governed by a stable legal and tax framework that is provided in Company’s Law (Ch. 113). This can be viewed at the website of Cyprus Bar Association by following the link Company Law (Ch 113) 
The main advantages can be summarized (without being limited to) the following:

  • Low Corporate Tax Rate (12.5%)
  • Banking System
  • Advantageous and key geographic location.
  • Full Member of the European Union (EU)
  • Full member of the European Monetary Union (Euro)
  • Effective and Multicultural Business Environment
  • State Organization, Public Services, Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Easy Access
  • Double Taxation Treates with Greece (and dozens of other states)

Cyprus Company Formation Services:

Standardized Services   Bronze

Cost: €1350

Cost: €1850

Cost:  €2350
Checking of the availability, pre-approval and reservation of Company Name
Government stamp for the acceleration of the Formation  
Formation of a Limited Company, issuance and delivery of all company documents in original (in English or in Greek Language).
Company Stamp
Registration to VAT in Cyprus
(Note: A prerequisite is for the company to issue it’s first invoice with VAT)  
Opening of a Corporate Bank Account, with the possibility of a Cash Withdrawal and a Debit Card
(Note: the signatories are required to be physically present)
Provision of Nominee Secretary, Registered Address and Postal Address  
(Note: For the 1st year.)  
Certified General Power of Attorney to an  Authorized Person      
Additional Services  (Customized to the Needs of the Clients)
Incorporation Document and Company Bylaws In English Language. €150 €150 €150
Extension of the provision of Nominee Secretary, Registered Address and Postal Address beyond the 1st year (per year) N/A N/A €500
Chartered Accountants and Account Auditing Services  Tailored to the customer needs and quoted accordingly
Administration Services
Provision of Nominee Director and / or Nominee Shareholders.
Ι/Τ Services (creation and/or hosting of web page, e-mail accounts, etc)
Telecommunication Services (Telephone line etc)

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